The Everton Village That Was

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After attending an Everton football match with their father, Matthew and Jessica take up an offer from their magic doll, Miranda, to take them back in time, for another adventure.
They return to Everton, when it was still a village and the rich merchants of the time had their mansions on Everton Hill. They meet a Master Mariner, captain of a merchant ship and his family, the lady who first made the Everton toffees and they attend a celebration of the creation of the first Everton Football Team.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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  1. Shelagh cunliffe says:

    Like all Mary’s story books I recently read this one,and loved it, Love all the mischief Miranda gets up to leading Matthew and Jessica astray on their adventures.She is such a naughty magic doll,however I’m intrigued with the adventures they all go on.It all seems so real and I get so engrossed in each story and can’t put these books down, Love the history that goes with their adventures,

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