The Kingdom That Was

In this great adventure they join a Viking trader and his friends on a fantastic journey to Norway. This is one of a series of children’s books in which the main characters, Jessica and Matthew, are taken back in time by the power of a magic doll called Miranda. In this latest adventure of this series, the children find themselves in trouble with the Vikings! The children end up explaining all about England and returning there with the trader and his family. After a fierce feud and challenge with a Warrior King, they get home just in time for tea!

ISBN/Cat.No: 9781901231717
ISBN-10: 1901231712
Title: Kingdom That Was
Author/Artist: Brickley, Joan; Gonzalez, Mary
Publisher: Countyvise Ltd
Format : Paperback; H:210; 45p.; 5 black and white drawings
Status: In print
Publication Date: 01/12/2006
Price: £1.95
Primary Subjec:t Historical fiction
Readership: Children/juvenile