The Pirate That Was & The Smuggler That Was

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.In these two great adventures they travel back and are taken prisoner by pirates and forced to help smugglers across the moors. Once again, we join the twins, Jessica and Matthew, who have gone on a cruising holiday with their parents and their Great Gran Bunting. Later, with the help of Miranda, a doll who has magical powers, and accompanied by her friend, Teddy, they find themselves back in the eighteenth century. In our first story, they become involved with a group of swashbuckling pirates who take them prisoner. They have an adventure on a tropical island where the pirates have hidden their treasure. In the second story, during a trip to Cornwall, Miranda, once again, with a wave of her magic fan, transports the twins and Teddy, back to the days of the smugglers. They are forced to help carry the boxes of contraband goods across the moors and along secret passages to a nearby castle. They meet a new friend on their journey whose father is one of the smugglers and who, later, helps them to escape. Another great adventure in The Pirate That Was and The Smuggler That was, two great childrens history stories in one book.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.