The War That Was

In this great adventure they are caught up in an air raid, they learn of the black-out, of rationing and of evacuees. The children meet Harry and Pat who take them for a ride on a tram. They have to flee to an air raid shelter as the siren sounds, followed by the noise of exploding bombs.  Another great adventure in The War That Was.

ISBN/Cat.No: 9781901231694
ISBN-10: 1901231690
Title: War That Was
Author/Artist: Brickley, Joan; Gonzalez, Mary
Publisher: Countyvise Ltd
Format: Paperback; H:210; W:149; D:3; 45p.; 9 black and white drawings
Status: In print
Publication Date: 01/08/2006
Price: £1.95
Primary Subject: Adventure stories
Readership: Children/juvenile