Upcoming Books

Joan and Mary have written two further stories which are waiting to be edited and printed.

These two stories should be available in a few weeks’ time.


Jessica and Matthew are twins who have found an old fashioned doll in their
great grandmother’s attic. The doll is called Miranda who turns out to be a
magical doll that comes to life. She has the power to come to life and, with
the help of her magic fan, can transport herself and the twins, back in time to
other centuries.

In this story, they are taken back to the seventeenth century, the time of the
Civil War. They have adventures with the characters they meet, Lord Rupert and help his lady companion to escape from Wigan Parish
Church which was being attacked by Cromwell’s men.

Eventually, they make their escape through a tunnel leading from Brynne Hall
which had been used, previously, as an escape route by the Catholic priests
during the Reformation.

Throughout their adventure, they are befriended by a Drummer Boy who helps
them in their escape before they return to the twenty-first century.


In this story, the twins are transported back to the nineteen twenties, in
Hollywood. They meet a famous producer and some of the Stars of the silent
movies. They have the chance to fly in one of the early planes and to take part
in a film before returning to their own century